Aaron Jerad Colorado Permaculture Designer

Aaron Jerad
Western Colorado Permaculture Desgin

The high desert steppes of Western Colorado is a vibrantly beautiful place to call home.  Learning to navigate the challenges of the regional climate was a driving factor in my pursuit of permaculture design and ecosystem restoration. Hot summers, cold winters, poor soils, limited growing season and dry semi-desert, all become surmountable with good design.

My formal permaculture design studies began in N.S.W. Australia at the Permaculture Research Institute under the instruction of veteran permaculturalist Geoff Lawton. I received a Permaculture Designer Certificate, Aid Workers Training and Teachers Certificate as well as a 6 month internship. I went on to study with farm forestry expert Peter Mashall at Terra Preta Truffles and interned with permaculture co-founder David Holmgren on his land in Victoria.

Other important teachers and mentors include: Lance Swigart - Gardening expert, Wind Clearwater- permaculturalist and landscaper, Gerome Ostentowski- founder of Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute, Kitzia Daniels - co-founder Buena Fortuna Gardens, Adam Brock - permaculturalist & author and my father, Bernie Heideman - founder of Big B's Fabulous Juices, orchardist, gardener and community leader.

Since 2009 I have taught and  practiced permaculture all over the world. I use permaculture design to consult and plan (and in certain cases install) personal gardens, edible landscaping, sustainable farms, and community projects.

My job as a consultant is to listen, to ask relevant questions, to draw out of people what they truly want and help them arrive at a design that really works.

In 2023 I launched Good Earth Design as a new and separate business from AJ Designs, which continues to be my web design business.