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Bubbler Screen – A self-cleaning irrigation filter.

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Bubbler screen irrigation filter

A DIY irrigation filter using 20mesh stainless screen on a 250 gallon tank. Weed seeds and other debris are removed. The screen cleans itself as long as there are ample bubbles in the water. This requires about 1 psi minimum in the incoming water line to create enough pressure. A … Read more

How to plant a tree in heavy clay soil

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I get a very high survival rate with the CSFS bare root seedlings, but it takes some attention.  These are the steps I use for planting perennials in heavy clay soil.

Flowers that Make Great Cut Flowers for a Colorado Perennial Garden

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Flowers are the essential part of many plants’ life cycles. They are also crucial to the life cycle and nourishment of insects and birds. Many beneficial insects need the sweet nectar from a flower to sustain themselves.  Ladybugs are a great example of this, if there aren’t enough aphids around … Read more

Forest Gardening in Western Colorado

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What is forest gardening? Forest gardening is a way of gardening that mimics natural ecosystems. Through observation and study we learn the patterns and principles that make a living system resilient, self-replicating, productive, efficient and diverse. We then take these principles and apply them to our home gardens, orchards, hedgerows … Read more

Edible, Cold & Drought Tolerant Plant List for Western Colorado Landscapes & Gardens

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Sea Buckthorn

Edible Landscaping and Forest Gardening in the High Desert Steppes

Edible Western Colorado Native: Golden Current, with bright orange berries.Direct seeding is best in the fall or early spring as soon as the ground thaws. Transplanting can be done in the fall or early spring as well, however coniferous trees and some deciduous trees and shrubs like lavender, and hazelnut require winter water and are prone to failure if planted in the fall and left without water.

Some super benifical fall-planted cover crop plants: daikon, vetch, rye and wheat.

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Daikon root in a rich garden soil profile.

The late summer/early fall is the perfect time to think about fall planted cover crops. Cover cropping is not just for big acreage, it’s great for gardens and even small container gardens.

The main objectives of planting a cover crop are to maintain soil fertility by holding or adding carbon and nitrogen in the soil and by controlling weeds. Cover cropping also attracts bees, other beneficial insects and can prevent erosion.
Cover crop between old millet crop.

My Top 10 (or so) Permaculture Books

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Introduction to Permaculture – Bill Mollison, Teaming with Microbes – Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewi, Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability – David Holmgren, Gaia’s Garden – Toby Hemenway…

Spring Garden Abundance – Lemon Asparagus Sauté

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Sorrel in a guild with yarrow, comfrey and lovage around a peach tree.

Visiting David Holmgren’s property as an intern I had a distinct experience of abundance and harmonizing with the seasons.  This was specifically related to food and eating. Modern food culture is one of instant gratification, at any given moment those with access and money can have just about anything they … Read more

The best gluten-free (sourdough) pancakes… ever.

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Gluten-free sourdough pancake breakfast

Creating the perfect, light fluffy and yummy pancake has been an ongoing goal of mine, one I now think I have perfected… and it happens to be gluten free. I have been eating gluten-free for over 10 years after finding that I was sensitive to it. My energy levels increased … Read more

A Permaculture Design Consultation: an outline of the general process and detailed questionnaire.

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Design and Consulting Outline Step one: Questionnaire. The design questionnaire is intended to gather as much information as possible about the clients vision, wants and needs. Step two: Create base map and survey the site. The base map contains only what is already existing on the site in as much … Read more