Bubbler Screen – A self-cleaning irrigation filter.

A DIY irrigation filter using 20mesh stainless screen on a 250 gallon tank. Weed seeds and other debris are removed. The screen cleans itself as long as there are ample bubbles in the water. This requires about 1 psi minimum in the incoming water line to create enough pressure. A 90 degree turn and relatively short riser height help increase turbulence. The taller tank in this case, acts as a sediment trap which can be flushed by opening a line at the bottom of the tank. In hindsight I would design a more efficient way to flush the sediment.

This tank feeds two 2″ irrigation lines from the middle. It has two overflow lines only because I had the fittings and pipe on hand for smaller ones. This design works for about 60-120 GPM flow. It can go for a month or more without needing attention,

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    • Hi, the input line just turns 90 and goes up through the mesh. The 90 is important to create turbulence. Also the height of the rise after the 90 needs to be relatively short depending on the dimeter of the line, this helps increase turbulence. If the riser is too long the head pressure will have a ‘calming’ effect on the water.

      This particular design uses the lower part of the tank as a sediment trap. Some versions don’t have a sediment trap, so the overall height of the tank is much shorter.

      Here’s an example of a larger flow version that doesn’t have the sediment trap:



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