Edible landscaping, garden & forest garden design with irrigation install

This recent project was done with the intent of making a very clear final map with exact species selection and placement. The project will be installed in phases as time and energy permits. It includes the design and install of a low pressure gravity fed drip irrigation system. The major earthworks involved leveling a pad for the water tank and installing terraces for gardens and flagstone patio. As of June 30, 2014 the terraces are installed, the irrigation system is in as well as the vegetable gardens. The small orchards, wind screen and shade trees will go in as time permits. The terraces have been sheet mulched and cover cropped to build fertility for future plantings.

A 3d overview of the completed design.
This 3d overview shows the vegetable gardens pathways and part of the patio. The irrigation system main and sub lines are in blue.

Aaron Jerad