Raised bed garden with attached cold frame, drip irrigation and flagstone pathways.

This suburban garden is 100% custom designed and hand made.

Raised Bed Garden and Attached Cold Frame with Drip Irrigation and flagstone pathways.
Final garden: Drip and micro-spray irrigation is added on a timer system for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

For ease of access and maintenance raised garden beds are an excellent choice. These boxes are designed to be ‘double reach’, or one arm’s length reach to the middle of the bed. The pathways have permanent weed barrier underneath the flagstone, which is the the width of a wheelbarrow for easy access. The beds themselves have a double layer of cardboard at the bottom which will eventually biodegrade allowing deep rooted plants to access the soil and worms can migrate up into the beds. The coldframe has both automatic and manual vents. It is easy to open and also easy to move and attach to any other box for seasonal rotation. The irrigation system is a combination of drip tape and micro sprayers that are connected to a pump on a timer.

A garden overrun with weeds.

The original garden had been over-run with pasture grass and was not fun to work in.

Some of the original garden design concepts:

Creating the new garden:

Aaron Jerad

8 thoughts on “Raised bed garden with attached cold frame, drip irrigation and flagstone pathways.”

  1. hello, i am interested in the raised bed with cold frame attachment for one of my clients. can you give me a sense of cost and time frame? thank you.

  2. Aaron – Very impressive design and setup, I’m very interested in duplicating it for my back garden. Could you email me the materials list, plans and build instructions? Would like to give it a go for my 2016 gardening season.


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