Project Consultation

A permaculture consultation will help get perspective on your project and start the process of aligning your vision with what is possible on your land.

An initial consultation is a great first step as it gives us a chance to work together, learn a lot and look ahead to the next steps of a project.

  • Real estate site analysis and assessments.
  • General efficiency and project feasibility support.
  • Landscaping, gardening and earthworks ideas.
  • Full site design: Mapping, water systems, structural & earthworks placement, trees & plant selection and location, costing, implementation plans.
  • Adding elements to an existing site: gardens, food forests,  grey water, drip irrigation, roof catchment, animal systems, ponds/dams, swales/contour earthworks, etc.

Permaculture Design

A permaculture design is always 'people and place dependent',  there is no one-size-fits all solution. The design process starts with a consultation and extends into as much detail as needed.

The design process is flexible in the amount of time and level of detail that goes into it. Some clients want as much detail as possible with detailed maps, plant species lists and sources, time lines, budgets and even help with installation. Other clients may want to do most of the work themselves and just have another set of eyes evaluating it and troubleshooting.

Other design services include:

  • Irrigation systems
  • Windbreaks
  • Greenhouses
  • Gardens
  • Community planning
  • Web site design (See AJ Designs)


I am a professional permaculture educator and teacher. Workshops, PDCs and other teaching engagements are available.


On a limited basis I offer installation services as part of a full or partial design. I prefer installation work to be collaborative and cooperative, working with clients to get them started on areas of a design that they need help with.


Tree planting, garden installation, drip irrigation systems.